We are excited to kick off the 2022 Pantry Challenge and hope you will join us!

We have been doing a pantry challenge for several years and find that January and February are a great time to audit the pantry, fridge and freezer and use items that are just lingering.

As grocery prices soar and food shortages remain there is no better time to shop from your own pantry.

Join our Pantry Challenge to:

  • Minimize trips to the grocery store or delivery orders

  • Adapt to supply chain challenges

  • Reduce grocery spending

  • Avoid food waste: use (or donate) products before they spoil

We’ve broken the Pantry Challenge into 3 steps. Each week, we will send a summary to get started.


Step One

Set a Goal & Get Organized—are your canned goods spilling out of the closet? Items buried at the bottom of a chest freezer? Figure out what you want to tackle and then delve in.

There are SO many great systems, the best one is the one that works for YOU!

Perhaps it’s a spreadsheet, a note on your phone, written lists or photos. There is no “right” solution. However, if you are looking for some guidance 


Follow along on Instagram. We will be kicking off OUR progress there next week and would love to see yours too!

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