I love consuming food content. I enjoy browsing cookbooks and food content online. However, most of my meals are somewhat freeform, so in any given week I often don’t follow many recipes, whether it is from a book or online.  To change this, I am about to embark on a 30-day Cookbook Challenge.


To ensure that the incredible books on my shelf get attention, I am challenging myself to try (at least) 5 new recipes from one of my books each week.  Sometimes this will be a main dish, other times a side or a dessert, but my goal is to bring some of these great resources back into rotation. 


Oftentimes, the best part about using a cookbook to make a tried and true favorite is a new tip or technique that stands out; the type of learning that can easily be incorporated into freeform meals.  


Follow along as I’ll update this post to track my progress. 

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