Do tacos on Tuesday mean Taco Tuesday?

Today is Tuesday and we are having tacos for dinner tonight.

Does that mean that we are part of the Taco Tuesday phenomenon, or just that it made sense to have tacos on this particular Tuesday?

Food historians, I am looking at you. When did this start? 

Taco Tuesday; I have no idea where it came from. Do you?

Our family loves tacos I could (perhaps I should) make them weekly, maybe even each Tuesday. They are such a winner sometimes I realize they don’t make the rotation enough. Always a hit and (potentially easy), though sometimes spend too long on the sides/accompaniments than I should.

Meal plan or meal blueprint?

I am a meal planner but I don’t follow a predictable schedule. We are not a family where we have a set meal schedule, I know many do. And that’s the thing about meals–they really are a highly personalized, or family-specific type of thing. At times, I really wish I could be one of those people with a predictable meal plan, but I am not. I have a plan (but didn’t always) that is getting better through small tweaks.

My latest one, is tonight. We are having tacos, about one week after the last Taco Tuesday (though, full disclosure, that one was actually Taco Wednesday, but no one really cares about Taco Wednesday). Just doesn’t have the same ring.

Stick with the winners

Are we doing the repeat because the family loves tacos? Kind of.

Are we doing the repeat because ground beef was on sale? Kind of.

Ok, so you are seeing lots of “kind of” what is the real reason?

Frequency to avoid food waste

It’s the shells (and also avocado).

I realized, that when I spread Taco…day out too much, the half-eaten package of shells is somewhat stale…not stale, stale…just not as fresh as they should be.

So, although we may not be doing Taco Tuesday EVERY Tuesday, I think that when we do it, we will have them frequently…perhaps weekly, or every ten days. Or maybe even back to back.

Tacos are the ultimate flexible meal

The other thing I like about tacos is just how flexible they are…

*a quick saute

*thrown in the InstantPot before running out

*leftovers of any kind; or a mixed batch

When making a new batch, I always double and freeze (so many times, it’s just a quick reheat).

Tonight’s Taco Tuesday will be a new batch, and I have yet to decide which route I am going to take.

Back-to-school, new routines or time for a change?

By now, most kids in the area have started school.

And with that, this is a time of change, transition and adjustments.  It is a reminder of the old, and an introduction to the new.

Whether you are a mom to a kindergartner, have a child starting a brand new school or are “just” adjusting to a new grade and teacher there are learning curves this time for kids and parents a like.

The start of the year will bring a mixture, of the old and new, and it will probably take some time to remember how to mange

  • routines
  • friends
  • schedules
  • emotions

This is also a time to reconsider yourself, whether you are finding you have MORE time on your hands, and are looking to earn some extra spending money OR does this time of year bring-on extra time pressure?

We are starting The Kitchen Table Guild to help you out, where ever you might fall in the equation. If you are time starved and are struggling with meal plans, organizing the toys and clutter around your house we are setting up the systems to connect you with other moms who can help. 

Are you at the other end of the equation? If you are the mom who loves planning family meals and are happy to share (while earning money) we are here to start connecting you with those needing help.

Learn more or drop-us a line just to say “hi”


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