Meal Plan Wardrobe Essentials

Yoga Pants/PJs  Just like you put yoga pants on for ease or when you don’t want to think about what to wear. These are the meals you can make with barely any effort or thought. Eggs Baked Potato bar (especially quick if you microwave). Top with cheese, sour cream and any leftovers. English muffin pizzas […]

Start Your Meal Plan Wardrobe

It’s time to build your dinner wardrobe. Each day, you instinctively pick your clothing based on your mood or the occasion. Though you might struggle with the specifics, we bet it’s not too hard to know when to reach for your coziest yoga pants, grab those perfect jeans or when you need to step it […]

Cookbook Reviews from a Meal Planner

Cookbook Reviews from a mom (and home cook)   Almost everyone I know is bored with their usual meals and burnt out from the constant whirl of meal prep and cooking. One of the ways I stay motivated is by browsing cookbooks; new (to me) and old favorites. I hope these reviews, from one home […]

Pooh Saves the Day with Meal Plan Inspiration

What to do when the plan doesn’t work?   A couple days ago, we needed to change course with our planned dinner. After a special outing to DriveShack, and a filling lunch, no one was remotely hungry as dinner approached and whatever was scheduled for the rotation held little appeal.   In this case, magically, […]

Find Meal Plan Inspiration

Find meal plan inspiration and bust through meal plan boredom Have you hit a meal planning wall? I did but revisited some trusty sources to find some meal plan inspiration. Yes, here I am with a meal planning business, and at many moments, I am tired of thinking about dinner. Especially now. Over.  Done. Beat. […]