Our mission is to connect families with Growing to-do lists who are Unable to (sanely) do it all with talent who are Interested in Leveraging and monetizing their skills. The Guild is the Destination to connect.

About the Guild


Growing home and family responsibilities.


Work and family keep us busy.


Add in some common tasks that might be on your wish list: meal planning, cooking, organizing, planting and cultivating a garden (even a teeny-tiny one), pulling together birthday parties for your kids…and your days can easily go from busy to hectic.


Whether your want help with the essentials or the “nice-to-haves” we are here to match you.


Find help!

Unable to (sanely) do it all


Do you procrastinate on the tasks you dread? Often find there simply are not enough hours in a day to get it all done?

If you struggle with hard to delegate tasks like organizing and purging around your house we will try and match you with someone who can help.

Interest in monetizing your skills

Are you the one with skills to share?  This could be your chance to turn your talent and passion into a side hustle. Start now!

Love for home projects


Have you mastered the art of batch cooking and weekly meal planning ?



Do you naturally channel Marie Kondo with neat and tidy closets and living space (and the envy when you host play dates)?  

Is the garden your happy place?

Do your kids turn out in swoon worthy clothing that you’ve made yourself?

Guess what?  There are moms out there seeking help in these areas  and we can connect you.


Desire to connect and give back

In addition to connecting you, The Kitchen Table Guild LLC will also support women and children in need. A portion of our profits will go to organizations that support that mission, and we will seek suggestions from our community.  


Additionally, we have created the GiveGet initiative for the talent providers on this platform.


This is an informal approach to your projects; instead of collecting your regular service fee you can donate your earnings to a charitable organization. The intent is that by trying your skills in this format you can gain the confidence you need for future gigs.


*You may either select from one of our recommended partners or you and your client can decide on a mutually agreeable one.


We connect those looking for help in select home and family categories with those who want to offer their talents. We review information submitted by both parties and share matches that fit based on criteria and geography. We share leads with both the client and provider and let you figure out the details directly.

We are currently offering a free trial of our matching service.  In return, we ask for feedback we are eager to grow and improve and patience as we find the right connections for the services you seek or the talent you want to provide.

To start you should determine how best to present your skills and services to others.


If you already meal-plan for your family turn your notes into user-friendly templates that can be shared and customized for others. Once you formalize your system it will likely be easy to adapt and scale it.

If you need extra help please contact us to learn more about our consulting service.

Please email us at hello@thekitchentableguild.com. 

Please use our feedback form, as this helps us, and the talent provider, improve service!  

Sure! We understand if you need a confidence boost. We also know that getting started is hard. And the first step, the first customer, is the hardest. Need extra help? Learn more about our consulting service.

I am good at meal planning, organizing, gardening, party planning or one of your other services. But 

Additionally, to help you gain confidence, we offer the GiveGet approach, where for your first project. you donate your fee to a charity. Learn more here.


We suggest using the same criteria and common sense you would use for any other hiring decision for your family, whether it is a babysitter, handyman or anyone else who comes into your home. Review our terms and privacy.


Though we review submissions we do not facilitate direct hires, custom interviews or background checks.   Since everyone, and every project is unique, we suggest you review your matches carefully, ask questions, and see samples of what they propose.  Of course, we want to know if you have any problems. Please share here: hello@thekitchentableguild.com.

We do not focus on babysitting, house cleaning, home repairs, pet care or professional staffing. There are already so many great options out there in those categories.