These first days of Fall are the perfect time to take stock and tweak your dinner strategy based on the reality of Fall schedules and plans.

Today is the first day of Fall and cooler weather is clearly on my mind (even if the weather has been humid and rainy). That also makes it the perfect day to tackle some projects that I have been putting off. For me, this has been tweaking my meal plan approach.

For our family, Fall means a return to a more disciplined and scheduled approach for dinner and meal plans. In the summer, plans feel, well, constricting so I focus more on general ideas and flexibility, plus lots of last minute garden, farmers market or roadside stands purchase. Somehow, even with the best intentions, my MealPlanner  (my Google sheet with multiple tabs) this often falls by the wayside in the summer, as I just jot down ideas on random bits of paper. And I’m okay with that. 

I love, and rely on, the spreadsheet other times of the year. 

Not so for Fall.

To kick this new season off,  I have been updating the “to try” section of my MealPlanner. If I find myself with a few minutes, I’ll enter the previously flagged recipes (favorite cookbooks, saved emails or Facebook posts, my recipe binder). Doing this also helps me find patterns–similar prep methods or common ingredients. If something keeps appearing I know that I REALLY want to get on it soon. 

This way, when I am ready to plan for our family or YOURS I’ll have a great set of ideas at the ready. 

Next Step

My next step is updating the inventories in the pantry and freezer and putting those items to use. 

Your Next Step…Meal Plan Concierge

Please reach out if you are looking for help with your meal plan. I am ready to help you design a plan that works for your personal needs and tastes. I take into consideration your lifestyle, personality and flavor preferences. 919-588-3908 OR

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