What to do when the plan doesn’t work?


A couple days ago, we needed to change course with our planned dinner. After a special outing to DriveShack, and a filling lunch, no one was remotely hungry as dinner approached and whatever was scheduled for the rotation held little appeal. 


In this case, magically, Winnie the Pooh day provided meal plan inspiration, but I needed to figure out the specifics.

Pooh Day

Did you know that Tuesday January 18th is Pooh Day?  I didn’t, but this important event ended up in my Facebook feed the day before. When our son, now close to 9, was younger Pooh was by far his favorite stuffed animal. Reading about Pooh Day made me smile at the moment. At the time, the main plan was to use Pooh birthday dishes that we were given when our daughter was born. 


It wasn’t until later that Winnie the Pooh day provided meal plan inspiration


For his 1st birthday, big sister selected one at Target. After hearing stories of lost favorites, I bought a backup one a few months later and they pretty much were in equal rotation. So identical twin Pooh’s are members of our family. This spring, one of the brothers married Bonnie, a butterfly that was purchased during a just-before-the-world changed trip to Disney world. Bonnie came in a foil pack surprise, I secretly bought these on our last night and planned to give to the kids for the car ride back (I’m desperately trying to hold on to some of these elements of childhood). But we didn’t. Instead, the foil bags were hanging around here for weeks or months. One day, the kids asked if they could finally have them…


Okay, I digress.

This is about dinner. And the need for a quick change. 

Also, during these times any small thing to break up the monotony is huge. 


I quickly decided on branding a meal that needed to change at the last minute into a largely orange meal in honor of Pooh. Honey “something” would have been another good idea, but I wasn’t in the mood to do that work. Maybe next year.


The Orange Menu

We ended up with lox (and bagels of course) and seaweed (a very simple Philly roll) coupled with carrots and oranges. 


Our new smaller dinner was ready in less than 10 minutes with no pots to clean. 


It was a double win.


One: Pooh day is only once a year but I think it will be a fun way to shake up the mid-January blues. 


Two: Bagels and lox will now be one more emergency rotation options.  

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