Morning Routines
We are settling into our fall morning routine and so far it is going pretty smoothly. I’ll admit this is a HUGE dose of luck and life-stage: the kids are in fourth and sixth grade, we only have one drop off (thank you school bus) and our schools start at a reasonable time.

Pocket Change Reorg
I am so grateful for this, and know that once the excitement of the school year dies down, mornings will not always be easy, but for now I embrace this.

Yesterday, it hit me that I could DO SOMETHING will hanging out and talking before they head out to school.

Without any prior thought or plan, I reorganized one drawer in the kitchen that desperately needed help. It took less than 10 minutes and has made a huge difference. Not just on the space, but also as I approach the morning (and the rest of the day), especially as dinner prep approaches.

I’m looking forward to a little fall refresh in the kitchen, one section at a time.

What can you do?
Perhaps your mornings are still a chaotic hot mess, but likely you have another “pocket change” of time? Rather than committing to (and inevitably delaying) a full kitchen reorg consider doing it one or two *small* areas at a time.

Either wing it–just open the craziest drawer or map it out on a list.

Within a few sessions you will have restored some long awaited order.

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