Yoga Pants/PJs

Smoked Salmon/Lox

It’s time to promote this brunch favorite to dinner.

Simply serve with sheets of nori, cocktail bread (fancy)!, and of course bagels.

Leftover odds and ends: toss in a food processor with cream cheese for some spread. WAY cheaper than buying at the bagel shop. 




Favorite Jeans

Garlic-Ginger Chicken 

This recipe comes from Priya Krishna and it is absolutely delicious. It also provided a new-ish way to make chicken breast (really, it’s possible). 

This recipe is everywhere; here’s the one that appears on BA.

Her cookbook,Indian-ish is excellent and worth a spot on your bookshelf. 

Not ready to commit to a new purchase? Try your local library; I LOVE reserving cookbooks (many at a time); trying several recipes and then purchasing. That’s what happened with me and this one. 

Dress to Impress

Steakhouse @ Home

Mark Bittman delivers on this simple, straightforward approach.

Of course, you’ll need a baked potato too. Sure you can just nuke it, but if you want to elevate it try this (at least once).

Now, pick your green:

Creamed Spinach




Pots & Pans:

Prep Time: About 5 

Total Time: Under 15 minutes 


Shortcuts, cans, microwave! These are your staples for these meals

Pots & Pans: 2-3

Prep Time: Under 20  

Total: About 30 minutes


Some of these freeze very well; allowing you to get 2-3 dinners with one effort.

Pots & Pans: 3+

Prep Time: About 45; but sometimes less

Total: An hour or more (many hands off)

Yes, these take time but are worth the effort.