Yoga Pants/PJs

Couscous with fruit and nuts boil water; pour over couscous. Add butter (or oil) & season to taste. Serve with nuts and fruit (dried or fresh); garnish with mint (if you have). 


Favorite Jeans

Chicken Tikka Masala if you have an InstantPot (or other pressure cooker) this recipe from TwoSleevers is a game changer. If you don’t have one; here’s a major reason to reconsider. 

No Pressure Cooker: this one from SimplyRecipes fits the bill too. 

For rice: cook with your favorite method or grab one of these easy microwave pouches.

For naan: grab one of these or these. Pita works too. 

Dress to Impress

Seared Tuna the act of searing Tuna could not be an easier. Heat oil in pan; once hot add tuna and heat about 1 1/2 minutes PER SIDE for rare.

Pair with an Avocado and Cantaloupe salad; simply scoop into even size pieces (a tablespoon will work too) and drizzle with some oil, lemon and salt (kosher or flaky sea salt). 

Grab a high quality baguette and you are good to go. This dinner shows you that sometimes you can dress to impress with minimal effort. 

Pots & Pans:

Prep Time: About 5 

Total Time: Under 15 minutes 


Shortcuts, cans, microwave! These are your staples for these meals

Pots & Pans: 2-3

Prep Time: Under 20  

Total: About 30 minutes


Some of these freeze very well; allowing you to get 2-3 dinners with one effort.

Pots & Pans: 3+

Prep Time: About 45; but sometimes less

Total: An hour or more (many hands off)

Notes: Yes, these take time but are worth the effort.